Our Strengths

Our Strengths

SEO technology and marketing

One of our greatest strengths is our web marketing expertise, based on SEO technology. Since the company was established, we’ve gained corporate clients by providing the know-how needed to attract customers to their websites. We do this by offering customized and unique solutions, while also providing superior in-house services gained through our rich experience.

Pursuing UI / UX

Through discussion, usability testing and access analysis, we improve UI / UX as much as possible. By placing an emphasis on user-orientation we provide clients with far-reaching global web services.

The in-house system that nurtures our strengths

Study sessions on SEO technology systematization

We hold in-house study sessions for all staff, whether consultants, engineers or creative members, in order to share and discuss the codified SEO knowledge and technology that we accumulate internally. Through knowledge sharing we ensure that all employees have high levels of SEO expertise, making it possible to maintain the highest quality of consulting and web services.

UI / UX improvement through usability test

To make it easier for users to use services, we regularly conducts usability tests on all of our projects. Volunteers from target customer demographics test the services under observation, enabling more accurate site improvements.