Vision and Mission

(Social) Mission

Bringing forth novel ideas to create a lasting social impact and legacy.

To bring forth newly added values through the Internet, and to contribute to the realization of a better society; this is our mission.

(Corporate) Vision

To become the most well-respected company in the world.

To continue creating services that strongly influence society

We believe that our continuous effort to create services that strongly influence society is of upmost importance as we strive to become a company that is even more well respected throughout the world.

With the spread of the Internet, there are more business opportunities than ever before. However, it is not simply about making money; the Internet is also a tool with the power to influence society for the better.

We want to improve society through the Internet, and through these efforts we wish to become an even more well-respected company.

From great minds come great services

We want to be a company that gathers great minds in order to create great services. A company is only as great as the people working within it; each and every one of our employees is indispensable for the realization of our mission.

Our employees have the essential expertise and know-how needed, and are not afraid to take risks. Through Nyle's fair, flat and diverse company structure, employees are able to perform at their maximum potential.

Rather than having closed discussions in the boardroom, management and employees exchange ideas in a flat company structure, which allows employee proposals to be raised freely, and evaluated equitably. Furthermore, we encourage employees to work independently and encourage diverse opinions and ideas.

Through these efforts, we continue to develop and improve as a company.