President's Message

President Hisho Takahashi

Thank you for visiting Nyle’s corporate website.

Nyle Inc. is an IT company providing both Smartphone Media and Digital Marketing solutions.

Concerning our Smartphone Media business, we have created a smartphone app information service, “Appliv”, that brings apps closer to users. We also provide an advertisement service for app publishers, specializing in smartphone apps.

In our Digital Marketing business, with SEO and Web marketing as our strengths, we have redesigned the architectures of our clients’ websites, helping push their businesses forward.

Our mission is to bring forth novel ideas to create a lasting social impact and legacy.

We strive to become a venture company that continues to provide services that can change the world in this ever-changing society, and at the same time, we set a high value on compliance to become a trusted company to our clients.

We hope to have your continued support in the future.

Nyle Inc.
President Hisho Takahashi