Culture and Values

Our Values

In order to fulfill Nyle’s corporate vision and social mission, we have a set of values that guide the way our employees behave. Our company’s human resources department bases its internal evaluations on this code of conduct. Each quarter, we award employees who perfectly embody these values the title of "Company MVP".

1. Fair & Flat

We highly value discussions, regardless of the positions of the participants, and evaluate others without prejudice.

2. Diversity

We respect employees’ individual personalities and characteristics. We focus on creating an environment that enables them to work energetically and to display their abilities to their full potential.

3. Pursuit of Speed

We recognize the importance of moving things forward, and are eager to make decisions and carry out our work at full speed.

4. The Will to Win

We possess the ambition to be victorious. We don’t leave our decisions to others, but are always proactive.

5. Having a Warm Heart

We are not only rationalists; we wish for everyone to succeed in life, and behave warmly to each other.