Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services provide a wide range of solutions for corporations based on our unique SEO technology and contents marketing knowhow.

Site Operation Consulting

We offer comprehensive solutions that include SEO, our specialty.
We run quantitative and qualitative surveys to identify target users, as well as design marketing strategies. Our comprehensive support in the fields of technology and contents helps establish appropriate levels of UX and SEO to not only attract customers, but to also detect changes in user behavior.

SEO Consulting

We improve the SEO performance of websites from the bottom up by designing a full series of scenarios, from target user searches through to obtaining new customers and repeaters, and by planning contents and designing methods to attract visitors. We also provide comprehensive support for site operations that takes SEO into account.

Content Marketing Support

We provide support for marketing policies via content from the consulting and content production level. We suggest suitable content strategies based on thorough 3C surveys. Continued consulting will provide support for establishing a system in which the long-term operation of high-quality content is possible.

Analysis and Improvement Support

User-based analyses and improvements increase the level of success obtainable by websites. Our analysts provide full support for growth strategies by offering multifaceted analyses, such as qualitative and quantitative analyses based on user behavior observations and heat-map and access analyses, etc., and by obtaining a full grasp of inherent situations through in-depth interviews and group interviews.